Music In Film

Episode #118

Guest: Kurt Oldman

Crew Position: Composer


I’ve been looking forward to tonight’s show with Kurt Oldman because I learned first hand the importance music has to a film on my first feature ‘Walking The Walk’. Yes I was aware of it in an abstract sense but when I saw the rough cut of my movie without music (and effects) I was a little stunned. It was as if my movie was part naked! For this reason I was very psyched that Oldman was able to bring in clips of films he has worked on without music and the same clips with music. If you haven’t seen the show yet, the only caveat to keep in mind is the clips you are seeing/hearing are prior to the sound editor doing the final the mix. Meaning that the sound level of the music relative to the dialogue most likely turned out different.

If you’re preparing to do a film it is just as important to watch other films for lighting, directing and for music. Not only for the style of music but for the sound levels as well. When we talk about not underestimating the importance of any aspect of filmmaking, score is a great example; set decoration is another. These elements need to be thought of as separate characters in the movie that need substance, texture, flavors, and levels. Unique unto themselves and woven together with the other characters and aspects of your movie.

I can honestly say working on the score and effects was one of the most fun parts of making ‘Walking The Walk’. My composer, D.A. Young and I went through the movie twice, once for effect cues, and once for music cues. For music, all I would do is say something like, “I hear ‘I hate my life music’ at this cue” and D.A. would create a great cue, and by the end of the process my naked film had clothes and was ready to go! Dittoing what Oldman said on the show, meet/ interview your composers and make sure you’re simpatico creatively and personality wise and you’ll enjoy the process and most likely get the results you’re looking for.

We had lots of really good instant message questions tonight. One, was asking about software programs that offer music samples. I did a little research and here are a few sites I have come up with: I have not used any of them personally so your own research is suggested. I will continue to ask around and update this blog if I come across more information and or recommendations from sources I trust.

Here is one for PC or Apple: They offer royalty free software and

Here is one for Apple: The software they sell is called Mega Traxx. Be sure to read the system requirements you might need additional software like Logic Pro or Logic Pro express to run Mega.

Last but not least:

Last point to keep in mind re: these programs is there is a difference between a royalty fee and a licensing fee. One can be free while the other is not… Good luck!

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Jeff Schubert

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