Michael Lembeck, Director: Friends, Santa Clause 2 & 3

Filmnut 206

Guest: Michael Lembeck

Crew Position: Director

IMDB Page: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0501185/

Projects: Features- The Santa Clause 2 & 3 Starring Tim Allen and Martin Short.
Lembeck has directed over 300 sitcoms including Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, Mad About You, Coach and many more.

Michael Lembeck was very funny tonight (he ought to be considering all of the sitcoms he has directed and he owns a comedy school!) passionate, intense and informative. He has a background in acting but made the switch to directing early on.

On Filmnut we talk about a director putting everyone in position to succeed but Lembeck really elaborated on the importance of the director each and everyday taking in the emotional tone of every member of the cast and crew and ascertaining what he can get from who on a given day. He used Jennifer Aniston and Matt Perry of Friends to provide a couple of examples.

In sports there are two kinds of coaches, the ones that force their system onto their players regardless of the player’s ability and then there is the coach who will adapt his approach based on the talent that he has.

Lembeck seems to do the latter with an intensity to be prepared and I mean prepared, but to also have the filmmaking experience be a good time for all. Combining the importance of establishing boundaries, and fostering a collaboritive environment, Lembeck has a thorough understanding of and ability to explain how he goes about his craft.

It is an approach I aspire to bring to my work and Lembeck lays it out well.

We had a great conversation about filmmaking, directing film and TV, the differences between them, digital filmmaking and more.

You know from my vantage point, Lembeck is a pretty big guy, yet it was fun to hear him talk about what’s it like to work with those who he views as big stars (certainly Mel Brooks qualifies) and the nerves and the approach to direct them.

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Jeff Schubert

PS Next week is Andy Lauer! You can check him out here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0490774/

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