Mark Gunn, The Writers Strike, How you can help!

Filmnut: Episode 209

Guest: Mark Gunn

Crew Position: Writer/ WGA Negotiator

Project: The Writers’ Strike


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Last night’s show got a little more passionate then usual. My guest Mark Gunn? He was calm and rational. I was the one getting a little revved up. Gunn, coming from an earlier negotiating session that day, unfortunately did not have a strike settlement to announce but we did discuss the issues and where things are as of now. Viewers got to ask good questions and we showed snippets of clips that supported the writer’s point of view.

In case you want to see more of those clips they are here:

For the opposing point of view here is a link to the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers:


If you agree with the writers and want to help, you can, go here:

If you want to sign an electronic petition to support the writers you can easily do so here:

If you want ot joing the picketers, picketing locations and schedule is here:

If you missed this or any episode of Filmnut you can watch it here: The episode with Mark Gunn is number 209.

Strikes are difficult for everyone, here is hoping for a quick and fair resolution for ALL sides involved.

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Jeff Schubert

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