MarioKart 4 Wii

Its-a me, Mario! Or is it Mahrio? Or Mary-o? Mario Kart is finally out for the Wii (despite the lack of hype). Congrats to CricketLee for winning it.  We’re joined this week by Joel Gourdin from the tv (G4, TV Guide), who hangs out kicking kart ass with King Boo all night. Jim loves Iron Man the movie, but hates Iron Man the game. Shocking? Hardly. Nikole has the top 7 Sweet Rides, but leaves off Halo’s warthog which makes the boys sad. Mario Kart doesn’t change up the formula too much, which is a good thing. Lots of characters, quite a few tracks, and the same item-breaking balance that bad gamers loves and good gamers despise. What fun! If you’re a Wii owner, run don’t walk to pick it up. If you have a 360 or PS3, you probably have better things to be playing right now (GTA4, hint, hint). It’s a “BUY” just a question of when. Tonight’s piece of Pac-Mobilia was revealed as an…well, just watch the show already!

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