Great Visual Effects Links: Mark Kochinski

Filmnut 214

Guest: Mark Kochinski

Crew Position: Visual Effects Supervisor

Projects: Founder Extreme Filmmaker 48 Hour Film Festival

IMDB page:

Well tonight you got two shows for the price of one. We talked about short filmmaking and visual effects with Mark Kochinski who is deeply involved in both. Some of his credits in effects include, The Guardian, HellBoy, Minority Report, Xena Warrior Princess, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Star Trek Voyager and many more.

We talked about his short film festival which I think incorporates two important philosophical concepts.

1- Would be filmmakers come up with all kinds of excuses to not make a movie. So the 48 hour deadline is designed to inspire the filmmaker to just do it. Don’t expect to make an Oscar winner; do expect to start doing what you want to do and learning along the way.

2- Unlike other 48 hour festivals. The time limit applies to production and editing, which means you can put more time to the script, casting and other pre-production elements. This affords a better chance to do something worthwhile.

Now if you’re stalling then I’d say find and enter a 48 hour type festival where you do have to do everything within the designated time frame.

Good tips for short filmmakers, and good tips for people interested in visual effects.

Relevant link from the show last night:

Software links –

Compositing: Digital Fusion

3D: Lightwave

Music:Sonicfire Pro

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