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joseph bonner
Question: hey guys do you think Sebastian Stan replace Chris Evans as captain america because marvel have signed him_ for 6 MORE MOVIES. thoughts ? thanks
The Fan Carpet Extra
Question: After years of avoiding it, I finally watched the Daredevil Director’s Cut after Schnepp recommended it, the question is why did Fox cut it like they did effectively killing the franchise?_
Heath Majewski
Question: Have you heard about the_ rumor about Ridley Scott, attached to produce a feature length Halo project, possibly a movie, and what are your thoughts on this if it were legitimate?
Nick Parker
QUESTION: what are your thoughts on the rumor about X-Men Apocalypse only_ focusing on the First Class cast?
Question:Hey sons and duaghters of_ AMC. How will James Spader portray Ultron. Will it just be CGI and voice acting? How will it work?
Lee O’Reilly
QUESTION: Do you think there is any chance of both Harry and Norman to both take up the mantle of The Goblin simultaneously_ in The Amazing Spiderman II?

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