Live! From the Future: Nora Kirkpatrick – Dorm Life

Nora Kirkpatrick will be here next Tuesday, April 21st, to chat about the popular web series, Dorm Life! Dorm Life, now in its second season, is a “mockumentary episodic series that follows the lives of several college students on the same dorm floor.” The show was recently nominated for two Streamys, Audience Choice and Best Ensemble Cast. Nora plays Courtney Cloverlock, described as a “queen bee” sorority girl. Check out her webcam shorts, and you’ll get the idea…

Nora has also held recurring roles on HBO’s John from Cincinnati and The N Network’s Katrina. She’s also got multiple projects in post-production including Growth a revolutionary indie film, the romantic comedy, How to Make Love to a Woman, and a small part in the Tranformers sequel.

Tune in for some unknown tid-bits and a great show with Nora! I’ll give you a few hints of what’s to come… a high school cheerleading, accordion playing, apple pie baking, UCLA graduate who once found herself peeing on Stonehenge. If that didn’t get your attention you are a lost cause. Any intriguing questions about these and other topics can be posted on the message board! Do it, you know you want to.

Join Stuart, Jessie, and John on Live! From the Future… next Tuesday at 11pm ET, 8pm PT with Nora Kirkpatrick on TheStream.TV!