LIVE… from L.A. It’s Michaela Watkins!

From Saturday Night Live, comedian/actress/gym-class dropout… Michaela Watkins!

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HI-to-the-YO! This was a fun show… For those of you confused as to why/how we had TWO shows on Tuesday, June 30th, we had our first ever: LIVE! From the future… DOUBLE BILL! At 8PM, we had Jordan Peele from MadTV, (Episode HERE) and at 9PM, we had Michaela Watkins. First up, it was time an interactive game with the chatroom: Ikea or Social Networking Site? which was ably handled by the industrious and glamourous Andrea Ball.

(Andrea Ball subbing in for Jessie, gets really serious about answering your LIVE instant messages.)

Then, it was a quick bit: This week in trash, which included a baby, some discarded random pants and did i mention a baby? We also tried something new with Qik video, and did a lil’ live streaming tour of the studio that culminated with a frosty cold anonymous generic beer from the fridge – all done from Andrea’s iPhone – jailbroken of course.

(Stu and Michaela argue about Scandanavian cinema, Italian politics and supernatural occurences; in that order.)

Then, it was time for Michaela Watkins, who was on set in L.A. filming The Backup Plan with Jennifer Lopez, J.LO, or “Jennifah”, as Michaela likes to call her. We discussed The Groundlings, her impressions of Arriana Huffington and blogger Angie Tempura, and then she laid out a week in the life of SNL.

(Michaela tells us exactly how firm Lorne Michaels’ buttocks is when you grab it from behind. Spoiler alert: VERY FIRM.)

Michaela also told us, in so many words, what is it like to work with Andy Samberg, who is her favorite character, and how she got the call for SNL. She has even has been mispronounced by the legendary Don Pardo: Michaawlia Watson!!!

Finally, we learn that, even if you fail gym in High School, you can still go to L.A. and get on Saturday Night LIVE. Yes, it’s that easy.

(Michaela, Stu, and Brian Gramo, founder of TheStream.TV, pose for a picture with The Fresh CD – Buy it HERE!)

(John Fulron doesn’t take it well when I told him that Dane Cook is forming a comedy rock supergroup called: The Amazing with Don Rickles on bass, Chris Rock on guitar and Dave Attell on drums.)

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