HBO’s Girls, Last Man On Earth & Secrets and Lies on Last Night On

Join Jessica Hickam and Xavier Brinkman as they discuss the night in TV on Sunday March 8, 2015 including HBO’s Girls, Last Man On Earth and Secrets & Lies.

Welcome to Last Night On . . . here at What happened last night on tv? Whether we’re talking The Bachelor or Survivor, Walking Dead or Better Call Saul, Originals or Scandal or Flash or Arrow . . . our hosts will tell you what they thought of the shows that aired last night. Join the conversation live every day or on demand. What did YOU think of what happened last night on . . . Gotham? Pretty Little Liars? Empire?

Monday: Jessica Hickam and Xavier Brinkman
Tuesday: Jack Hind and Meghan Lamontagne
Wednesday: Meghan Lamontagne and Lauren Kelly
Thursday: Lauren Mayhew and Jareb Dauplaise
Friday: Jocelyn Polite and A.J. Lawrence

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Xavier Brinkman – @XavierBrinkman
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Meghan Lamontagne – @MegLamontagne
Lauren Kelly – @realLaurenKelly
Lauren Mayhew – @LCMayhew
Jareb Dauplaise – @Jarebx
Jocelyn Polite – @JocelynPolite
A.J. Lawrence – @TheAJLawrence




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