Killola played live and I need a shower!

Killola – LIVE

(You can/should watch the full episode HERE)

We had an assless chaps full of pants full of show last night – dare I say it – we may have had too much show for one night – instant songs by John, instant messages from Australia, an online contest, interviews and a live performance by Killola!

First, Juan Fulton (that’s John Fulton to Anglophones) was back in the saddle…

John tunes up with Jessie.

…and like the Roman Emperor he claims to be, was fanning himself and eating grapes with many a young wench nearby (sorry Jessie, but wench isn’t a bad term).

Jessie was back (and by ‘back’, we mean ‘mentally sober’) from Coachella, and she told us 3 things she learned at the desert festival (spoiler alert: #1: wax your back before you go)

Also, Stu shared about his one and only awkward rubdown of a random dude on a tennis court

Dude: “Will you put some lotion on my back?”
Stu: “Ummmm… sure?”

We also threw a few things into the Time Capsule: talent tv shows, the Pontiac – I’m looking at you Fiero, and the adult diaper, which, incidentally, are the three things you need to make for a great weekend.

Then, Jessie’s parents joined us in the chat room from D.C. and I tucked them into bed, we found out that we have chatroom-mates from Australia, AND we tried to stump John Fulton with “He’s a John-ius”, where he had to write instant songs from just a chatroom suggested song title, but John pulled it out with three instant classics!

“Donut hoe-down”
“I’m the best part of the show”
“Damn you homeless man for making me trip balls.”

Last but not least, we got served up a hot 360 second plate of pure speed interviews with all members of Killola (4 interviews in 6 minutes – a must see), then we did 45 seconds of IM names and FINALLY, we heard them play 2 great songs.

Killola live on the show!

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