Katherine Fugate, Army Wives Creator

Filmnut 220

Guest: Katherine Fugate

Crew Position: Writer/ Executive Producer

Projects: Army Wives, Valentine’s Day, The Senator’s Wife

Production Company: carpe diem films

Website: http://www.katherinefugate.com

Additional Websites Of Interest:

First, I need to thank the Xena fans who recommended that I pursue Katherine Fugate as a guest for Filmnut! What a great guest! Fugate is a very talented and inspirational artist who shared great stories of how some of her projects came together and examples of the tenacity that it takes to make things happen. Fugate might be Barbara Eden’s niece but there is no magic to her success. Hard work, faith, her spirituality as she defines it, has lead her to where she deserves to be; which is as the writer/creator/executive producer of the number one show in the history of The Lifetime network, Army Wives . In addition, current projects also include her feature Valentine’s Day, being directed by Gary Marshall and The Senator’s Wife starring Jennifer Aniston. (See her imdb link above for all of her credits)

As a writer, of course it’s important to have good writing skills, a technical understanding of the craft and good daily habits or rituals when it comes to writing. And Katherine has those things. But what she also brings to the table is living a rich life, being in the moment, living her truth, reading, and researching. Translation? Get out from behind your computer, live, experience, and have a zest for life! It reminds me of an old acting coach of mine that preached the idea that you can study acting 24/7 by observing life, people, by studying a musical instrument, taking a fencing class, reading a book etc, etc. Same goes for writing. Your class is out there everyday, just make a choice, and take responsibility for your dreams.

Fugate named her company based on a mantra that she lives by “Carpe Diem”; “Seize The Day”. Whether you are a writer, or whatever you do, as you sit here, as you read this, what can you do to seize the day? Although it can be, it is not necessarily about ‘career’, one of the gifts that we get from artists like Katherine is a reminder and an appreciation for the moment, of going for it, of the journey being the destination. It’s a great thing to enjoy it on a TV show like Army Wives or Xena, but it’s even better if we find ways to incorporate it into our everyday lives; journey well.

Thank you to all of the viewers who sent in great questions and sorry to those we couldn’t get too! (There were many of my own I couldn’t get to as well!) And thanks again to Katherine.

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