Kate Levering of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva

Kate Levering, who plays Kim Kaswell from the Lifetime show Drop Dead Diva was a great guest tonight. Kim is a Tony nominated actress who won the Fred Astaire award for dancing in the broadway revival of 42nd Street. On Filmnut we got into her character on Diva, how great I think her acting is and why… themes on the show, messages for women (from the show) and a lot more. There was a moment where I was personally touched because I could really tell that Kate was affected by what she was talking about in relation to an issue covered by the show that effect a lot of women. I know the premise of Drop Dead Diva may sound a little far fetched but if you just allow yourself to go with it, it is a very enjoyable dramady… I really enjoy television that can make you laugh, think and hit a few sensitive spots all in one show and Diva does that. Kate’s character is also part of a love triangle that should be fun watching evolve. Her character has so much bubbling beneath the surface I look forward to that being explored. We also got into a movie Kate is starring in, Like Dandelion Dust. Also starring Mira Sorvino, Cole Houser and Barry Pepper. This film is cleaning up in film festival awards and looks to be released in March of 2010. I was invited to a private screening of the film by past Filmnut guest Kerry David and give it two enthusiastic filmnuts up! The film’s director Jon Gunn chimed in with a few surprise instant messages that Kate was having a lot of fun with.

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