JUSTIN BIEBER Top 10 Douchiest Outfits on theFeed!

Justin Bieber might be out of the Instagram game, but his douchiness has not been forgotten!

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Have you been missing Justin Bieber since he left Instagram?
Nahh, us either.
But since he’s not readily sharing photos of himself for the rest of the world to giggle at and mock, I’ve compiled 10 of the douchiest Justin Bieber looks to hold you over until his inevitable return to social media.
Justin’s first look. A bucket hat, bandana, and a heavy silver chain.
Why did you guys let this man get so famous?
Next up Justin quenching his thirst… with a giant bottle of Chandon.
I don’t exactly want him to get alcohol poisoning but…
Oh look, here’s Justin enjoying himself at a Miami Heat game with sunglasses on while inside.. and he’s donning a leather shirt. DA FUH?
Let’s not forget when Justin had dreadlocks. #NEVERFORGET
Or when he wore this weapon/hat on his head.
Oh and apparently our man is a fan of Marilyn Manson… and skirts… and if we get a view of the back of this outfit… Satan?
Justin also went through a TERRIBLE bandana phase… and must have some horrible friends because no one advised him against it.
And for Justin’s last look, what we’d all love to see him ACTUALLY wear… *eggshells*
Oh.. I’m sorry to all the Beliebers out there who thought this was a little harsh… just kidding, I meant every word.

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