Jordan Peele from MADTV!

LIVE! From the Future…with Stuart Paap!

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009!

From MadTV, comedian/puppeteer/great guy Jordan Peele!

And from Guiding Light actress/yoga enthusiast/motorcycle lover Jessica Griffin!

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Kids – we were packed to the Gilmore Girls with lots o’ show! First up, in tribute to a late legend, it was time for an interactive game with the chatroom-mates: Finish the MJ Lyrics. Props to Guatemalan Man, but our winner was Alexa who stumbled at first, but she redeemed herself by getting the lyric “Tenderoni” from PYT. Alexa, you were our PYT – Precocious Young Thing.

(The talented Andrea Ball subbing in for Jessie Schneiderpants Schneiderman)

Then, Jessica Griffin came on the show to discuss her wardrobe malfunction from Guiding Light, East Coast vs. West Coast, and motorcycles. We also play a soap opera improv game called Come Again?, with the now most awkward theme song in the history of music – thanks John Fulron! Finally, the chat-rooms got to choose which useless skill they wanted to see from Jessica in Skills that don’t pay the bills! Will it be her Western Irish accent, her Springsteen impression, or her Tongue Rolling? Hmmm… I wonder. Pervs.

Next up was hilarious and multi-talented Jordan Peele from MadTV, who told us how he got his start in show bizness, doing improv in Chicago, living in Amsterdam for 3 years – which led us to our next game: What the hell am I saying? where I gave Jordan 5 phrases in Dutch and he had to guess what they meant. Then, we got a visit from President Obama, who commented on our show, and we rounded it out with Jordan showing us how to make a ghetto roommate! All packed into this 45 minute ep-uh-sawde! GET IT!

(Jordan Peele and Stuart Paap try a new interview technique – cheek to cheek)

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Photos by Lightning Bolt Magistro

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