John’s Restraining Order & Bath Salts

By popular demand: live Q&A for the entire show tonight. Dr. Sub-Zero begins by wishing Buck Angel and Gianna Michaels very happy birthdays.  John talks about the aftermath of the Ashley situation and the life choices that followed- namely, the restraining order against his ex-girlfriend and bath salts.

Song recommendation: Concrete Angel by Gareth Emery

Game review: Diablo III. Special shout-out to everyone who made it possible. Enjoyed a lot of the tweaks to simplify things -like walking over gold to pick it up- but hasn’t yet matched Diablo II. 8/10

In Q&A, Dr. Sub-Zero explains his rebirth and the path to coming back online through hard work and staying tore. The group also shares wisdom on age old questions: If you don’t use it, do you lose it? If you’ll be ashamed later, should you still do it? Is it strange for a friend to pull an “assist?” Yes.

Also, a question for the fans, what guests do you want in the show? Comment and let us know.

Ask Dr. Sub-Zero: Expert advice on gaming and adult entertainment.


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