John Fulton Hosts Animal Planet’s Must Love Cats


Jim Davis & John Fulton

For the premiere season of Animal Planet’s Must Love Cats; John Fulton drank cat poop coffee, met the creator of Garfield, jammed with a musical group of felines, met a cat news reporter and had many other great adventures.

However, John Fulton, of the comedy rockers “The Fresh“, first appeared on LIVE From The Future with Stuart Paap as a guest promoting their viral music video “Myspace” on February 27th, 2007 and had officially joined the show by the following episode. His segment jingles for Strictly Platonic and This S**t Is Free became integral to the show’s popularity. It’s hard to believe but Stu’s bit Strictly Platonic was reoccuring before John even appeared on the show. The John Fulton Pre-Show instantly became a fan-favorite as Jessie Schneiderman and John would improvise and cover songs suggested by the chatroom. Part of the dynamic that made the show so hilarious was Stu and John’s on-going joke that there was animosity over payment between the host and the musical sidekick.

John, Jessie and Stu on "LIVE From The Future"

The series ran from September 26th, 2006 to March 9th, 2010.

Must Love Cats airs Saturdays on Animal Planet.

John will be appearing on The Tonight Show this Monday, February 28th.

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