Joel David Moore of Avatar

Avatar actor Joel David Moore came on three days before the big release of James Cameron’s new epic film. For those already not in the know, Joel talked about what Avatar is about, what an Avatar is and a lot more… Working with Cameron, what they talked about when he was still auditioning for his role, the new technology utilized in the film and some of the special training he and the other actors did. In addition to Avatar material we also covered his visit to the middle east as part of the USO tour to meet and greet our military troops. And how being there and supporting our troops has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with expressing appreciation for those who risk their lives enabling us to do the things we do. Moore is also a director, and we talk about some of his conversations with Cameron on the subject as well as his indie film Spiral in which he starred and co-directed with Adam Green. Moore’s good friend/producing partner and star of Chuck, Zachary Levi also stars in Spiral along with Amber Tamblyn and Tricia Helfer. Moore has another project coming out Janie Jones that he also updated us on

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