James Gunn is the Man!

Guest: James Gunn

Project: “The Specials,” “Dawn of The Dead” (remake), “Slither,” “Pets”

Crew Position: Writer/Director/Actor

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James Gunn was in form tonight talking in depth about his journey as an artist from his days at Troma to his just announced feature, “Pets,” that Ben Stiller is producing and Gunn is writing and directing. This interview was information packed but also loose and a lot of laughs. (How could it not be with Gunn?)

Speaking of Troma, we began the show by airing a clip of Lloyd Kaufman interviewing Gunn as part of his entertaining and educational “Make Your Own Damn Movie” dvd set. For those who missed it, we had Kaufman on the show for episode number 115 on the Filmnut show page.

Another connection to Gunn is his best friend Stephen Blackehart who produced Lollilove, a film that Gunn starred and was masterful in. We talked about that project with Blackehart in episode 114 so we didn’t talk much about it tonight.

We did talk about and show a clip from The Specials, and some great behind the scenes clips from Dawn of The Dead and Slither.

Gunn shares his writing process and we had a discussion about writers writing creatively versus with a budget in mind, and whether the practical thought process could interfere with the creative. I think writing can be intimidating to the beginner as it is and the less you have to worry about the better; It’s kind of like the old saying, learn the rules of a craft and then break them. Not a perfect metaphor, but get used to and become a good or at least comfortable writer and then expand by taking in other considerations. It might make more sense if you watch the show. In addition, Gunn also made great points about acting and the benefits for a director to study acting and be able to speak the language of the actor.

The episode is longer then usual but it’s worth it.

Check out the show if you haven’t already. I’m a big fan of Gunn’s work so it was a real treat to have him on and be as giving as he was. Continued success James!
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Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think!

Jeff Schubert

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