Jack Coleman Interview

Actor Jack Coleman, Noah Bennett from NBC’s ‘Heroes’, really got into the mechanics of ‘Heroes’. From the subtext of his character to working with some of the other actors on the show like Zachery Quinto, Hayden Panettierie, Ashly Crow and more. He talked about the relationship dynamics he has with some of those characters, as well as the psychological underpinnings of other relationships on the show, like Peter and Nathan.

We also talked about the rehearsal process, the creative input afforded the actors by the writer/producers, as well as working with different directors like Greg Beeman and Alan Arkush.

I asked Jack if he would ever want to direct an episdoe and which other cast member he thought would most likely direct. See if you can guess right!

Jack definitely has some strong feelings about the media and the pressure they put on young actors.

For fans of the 80’s nighttime soap ‘Dynasty’, we did briefly touch on that show and Coleman compared and contrasted the difference between being on a hit show in the 80’s versus today. As always, a lot of great questions from viewers and much more great information from Coleman that you will have to watch to find out!

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