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Filmnut 301

Guest: Brian Herzlinger

Crew Position: Director

Projects: Romantic Comedy: “Baby on Board” starring Heather Graham, Jerry O’Connell and Lara Flynn Boyle.

Documentary: “My Date With Drew” (Barrymore). Brian is also a correspondent on the Tonight Show.


What I was looking forward to about tonight’s interview was talking to someone who had the courage, passion, discipline, persistence and skill to pull off something highly improbable. Further, having a good time doing it, and ultimately have it take his career to the next level all made for a great interview.

As Brian jokes, it took him ten years to become an overnight success. Some artists go out there, buy or rent a camera and make a movie. And that’s a good thing to do to develop and learn the craft. However, Herzlinger really respects the process. It’s his passion. He graduated suma cum laude from Ithica with a degree in cinema, interned for Dreamworks and MGM, developed a network of friends and a mentor and really attacked the process with zeal and from every angle. The arts can be so nebulous where there is no one blueprint that works for everyone, but Herzlinger represents a good model of what it takes to make it. He is as affable in person as he was in his documentary and I congratulate him on his success. He hits on a lot of good things/ tips in the interview. (I had so many more questions to ask him! Good news is, he wants to come back.)

I would recommend ‘My Date With Drew’ to filmmakers as an example of what can be done skill wise/filmmaking wise with very little money. I would also recommend it to anyone who has a dream or goal that they have yet to pursue. (Available at Amazon, Netflix, Blockbuster etc.)

No release date yet for Baby on Board I’ll update this blog when we get that info.

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Jeff Schubert

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