V/H/S Director David Bruckner Interview – Inside Horror

INSIDE HORROR hosts Elric Kane and Staci Layne Wilson sat down with David Bruckner, the director behind the infamous opening V/H/S segment “Amateur Night,” to talk about where the idea for the film originated and why the short form stories work so well within the genre. Fascinating fact: the directors were intentionally left in the dark about each others’ segments. And that’s just one of the techniques that helped mold this V/H/S into the hit that it is today – check out the interview to learn more.

Bruckner also talked about why the found footage sub genre isn’t easier to film and how it’s actually one of the harder sub genres to tackle cinematically. Like any other film, every scene is planned out, especially the ones where it’s supposed to feel like it’s not, and directors must balance keeping the audience in a state of suspense and committed till the end, and not uncomfortable. It’s really a strong case and rebuttal for the argument that found footage is over-used and instead, with the right treatment and eye,  actually has a long shelf life and is here to stay.

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