Knocking Out John Stamos

A Superbowl ad for Oikos yogurt makes Iliza and her guest co-host, Jodi Miller, swoon for more John Stamos.


  1. Dave Hire on February 10, 2012 at 9:31 pm

    Great show!!!

    A plug for Excused.(must see)

    I saw a guy with fast moving eye brows. I couldn’t believe it. What’s up with this guy’s “talents”.

    If I had that talent, here’s what i’d do. I’d use those f–kers as fighting weapons.
    EXAMPLE: if I was at a bar flirtting with the prettiest girl and some big dumb ass came up and started f–king with me, i’d beat him up with my eye brows. Right left right left. He’d be like, “didn’t see those eye brows comming. WTF just hit me?”

    He’d be walking out of the bar with two black eyes, a bloody nose, a fat lip, and his own tail up his ass saying, “man, i’ll never fu-k with a guy with fast moving eye brows ever again!”

    Yes, step aside Batman, Spiderman, and Superman, now there’s Fast Moving Eyebrow Man! He will slap all your guys asses silly with those fast moving dangerous eye brows!

    SUPER FUNNY show iliza!!!

    Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day! Seriously, I hope you will, or have found a man that can be romantic to you and say “I love you” and actually mean it. You deserve it iliza!

    Keep up the great work on both shows! 🙂

  2. Dave Hire on February 14, 2012 at 9:28 pm

    Happy Valentine’s Day iliza and Alexis!

    I missed your show this week.

    I just wanted to wish you two lovely ladies a Happy Valentine’s Day!

    I don’t do the facebook thing anymore since some ffol hacked into my account. I’m just waiting for the thing that replaces the thing that replaces facebook, and i’ll be on that.

    But for once, i’m actually ahead of technology. I heard in the news last week that they’re working on a new version of a smaller more compact ipad. Some late breaking news for these guys, I already have that. It’s called… a CELL PHONE! My mini ipad even makes calls too! I hate when people try to make us pay for something we already have. Not gonna fall for that one, duh. What’s up with these f-ckers?

    oH, Here’s my pug pick of the week. It’s not really my dog, and it’s a new viral video on youtube. If you haven’t seen it yet, type DJ MAMA scratch DUET doggy scratching french bulldog hip hop in the search bar. I wish that was my dog, I would sooo love that dog to death. That dog would be my little cuddle bear. It is sooo cute. The best thing about dogs is that they can give unconditional love.

    Well, I just wanted to say Happy Valentine’s Day to you two beautiful ladies. Always beautiful, always entertaining, and NEVER EVER boring.

    As is as always, keep up the great work 🙂 🙂

  3. Dave Hire on February 14, 2012 at 10:22 pm

    Did I make a typo in the word “fool” and spell it ffol? Could you tell I was pissed about that about someone breaking into my facebook account. Dead give away there, huh?

    Also, I spelled “oh” oH instead of Oh at the beginning of a sentence, which reminds me of the continuing saga of LETTER WARS.

    Take the word “oh” for example. Does the “H” really have to behind the “O”? Isn’t the “O” already an “O”? Is the “H” behind the “O” to make the “O” more of an “O”? What, does the “O” need reinforcements incase other letters call the “O” out? Does the “O” think the other letters aren’t gonna take the “O” seriously?
    All I know is that I’m never gonna challange the “O” to a fight anytime soon.

    I just had to do something to make up for my typo errors. I hate making mistakes in front of pretty ladies.

    So, Happy Valentine’s Day again, and I look forward to the next edition of The Weakly News. Good things come to those who wait.

    And, I get to say, as is as always, keep up the great work, again 🙂

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