How Did Joss Whedon Get The Job To Direct THE AVENGERS?

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John from the UK writes:

What up AMC Movie talkers! My question is in regard to one of geekdoms most beloved saints Joss Whedon. In an episode awhile back when comparing Joss to Chris Nolan that prior to the Avengers he had only one Film directing credit in the brilliant but financial Bomb in Serenity. My question is how or why do you think Joss got the job to direct the Avengers? He undeniably did an amazing job but what made Marvel/Disney and Kevin Feige put their fate a man who had no real film success and biggest successes were cult television shows. I know hes a massive fan of comics but I dont think Marvel would hire a guy based on that alone, Campea bring on the Filthy and Schnepp if your in bring on the Flavour!

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