He is Borg: Resistance is Futile

Guest: Patrick Barnitt

Project: ‘Star Trek First Contact’

Crew Position: Actor, Borg

Episode 200 kicks off season two of Filmnut. Kudos to Brian Gramo, stream founder, for all of the upgrades made to the site during the break. Tonight we got started with Patrick Barnitt, who in addition to ‘First Contact’, has also appeared as a Borg in ‘Star Trek Voyager’, and in other roles on ‘Deep Space Nine’ and the Star Trek feature ‘Insurrection’.

We had a lot of fun showing clips and having Patrick dissect what goes into being a Borg (a cybernetic being and the greatest enemy the Federation has ever faced) and talking about Jonathan Frakes (Commander William T. Riker) directing style and other behind the scenes information that included great still pictures that Barnitt explained.

A great episode for Star Trek fans.

As an actor or a filmmaker what you might take away from this is the discussion about make-up, wardrobe and how that effects actors. Important to keep things in mind like the temperature where you are filming and the effect that wardrobe may have as far as increasing temperature. Further, can the actor eat through their wardrobe and or go to the bathroom? Important things to plan and be prepared for if your project dictates.

Check out the show if you haven’t already. Barnitt was a lot of fun to talk too. www.thestream.tv/filmnut will take you directly to all past filmnut shows. This is episode number 200.

Barnitt is also a writer and a Jazz Singer. For more info. on Patrick you can checkout an indie film he was in called ‘Waiters’ (available through Netflix).

For his music you can go here:

His personal website is:

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think!

Jeff Schubert

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