Haylijah, Klayley, Klamille, or Klaroline?


Sooo… What’s going on with all of the love triangles this season of The Originals?! Guessing who is going to make a better match with who definitely keeps the show interesting and us always wondering.

Obviously the relationship between Hayley and Klaus is the first one that comes to mind, because come on that little sweetheart Hope is what everyone cares about, let’s be honest. But Hayley isn’t just in a love triangle…it’s more of a square. This fierce momma wolf has Klaus, Elijah, and Jackson at her fingertips, or claws depending on the spell. Who is the better match for Hayley and Hope in the long run? I’ll always be rooting for Hayley and Elijah as I’ve said many times in our After Show on theStream.TV channel on YouTube. My co-hosts and many Originals fans watching at home have said that Hayley and Jackson would be the more stable choice…as long as Klaus is kept close by to his little princess. But DID YOU SEE ELIJAH’S FACE when he gave Hayley her wedding rings that he found and saved for her and Jackson?! He was basically in tears when he admitted to her that he never stopped searching for her, and I don’t think he ever will. Hayley gives Elijah purpose and a desire to survive as an original in my opinion. We saw last season what Klaus did to Elijah’s last girlfriend. Clearly anyone that Elijah chooses isn’t going to match up, or even be safe within his family unless he’s with Hayley.

Now let’s talk about Klaus, will he ever want Hayley back? Is he really interested in pursuing a relationship with Cami? Or…. will he always have Caroline on his mind from The Vampire Diaries?!!!! I honestly never considered Caroline as a possibility for him anymore until this week, because SPOILER ALERT FOR VAMPIRE DIARIES FANS (if you’re not up to date don’t read on) … in the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries Caroline doesn’t end up with Stefan! It was a total shock to me too since they had been setting them up from last season. So now we have no idea who Caroline is going to end up with either. And would Cami even want a life with an Original Vampire? I mean, Klaus is never going to grow older, and Cami will unless she turns into a vampire. Would she risk all that she has worked for to maintain a semi-normal life despite her crazy family history and choose to be immortal with him, or will the idea of that be too much for her to want to handle. I think she would be able to cope, but at what cost, and would she truly be happy dealing with Klaus’ mischievousness forever? Would Klaus even be willing or able to change his ways for her if it meant that she would change her life for him?

So many questions! Let us now what you think! Tweet us @TheOriginals_AS and write us in the live stream comments of our aftershow this Thursday at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vx67fOPhGF4

Can’t wait to hear who you think will choose who! Fingers crossed for some happily ever afters!


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