Happy Night on Filmnut with Happy Days Star: Don Most

Filmnut 307

Guest: Don Most

Crew Position: Actor/ Director

Current Projects: “Moola”, starring William Mapother Treat Williams Chalotte Ross Daniel Baldwin. “Take2” starring Don Most and Anson Williams. “The Great Buck Howard”.

Tagline for Moola: All it takes is one bright idea.

Past Projects: The Last Best Sunday, EdTV, Star Trek Voyager, Sabrina, Century City, Yes Dear, Family Guy, Dungeons and Dragons, Teen Wolf


Tonight was a great show, and I say that not to blow smoke up my own butt, but rather as a compliment to the guest tonight Don Most. Most was comfortable talking about anything, and we hit on a lot. We talked about the two features he directed, The Last Best Sunday and the more recent Moola. These are two very different movies and I recommend you check out both. We spent more time on Moola, another heartfelt comedy with a great ensemble cast. You know we had Robert Davi on last week talking about The Dukes… The movies have similar life themes but are executed very differently. Different characters, different plot to make the point, and both well done. Comedy that makes you laugh, think and inspires you is my kind of comedy.

I also love Most’s project, Take 2… The series concept is to each week pair up a different set of actors from a TV show that the public associates as being together and put them in new roles. For the pilot, Most pairs himself up with Happy Days star Anson Williams (Potsie).

So between, the features he directed, Take 2, directing in general, and yes some Happy Days the conversation covered a lot. Through it all Most was forthcoming and passionate. We could have easily spent the whole show on any one of the topics we covered, but we’ll have him back in the future for more.

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Hope you like it!

Jeff Schubert

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