Guide to Getting a Life (111): Iron Sculptor

I can’t help but wonder if the world would suddenly become a happier place if people actually worked towards integrating the best of themselves; their passions and best abilities in to what they do with their lives everyday….

I interviewed iron sculptor, Bruce Gray, tonight at 6pm on Guide to Getting a Life, and although his struggles as an artist ie. making money, selling his craft, vacations and time off were only briefly touched on, I felt my toes curl (not so much in the good way) when talking about it. I couldn’t help but wonder if as an artist (host, writer and producer of Guide to Getting a Life as well as overall entertainer) this too is where I am headed…..

When you finally get the chance to live a dream you have held on to for so long, in any field I guess, you begin to wonder about job security, money and whether you will ever be enough ahead of the game to take some time for yourself, and talking with Bruce intially did little to calm my uneasiness. Bruce caught me with a positive twist, however,  and told me that despite being a ‘struggling artist’ and despite worrying about money at times, iron sculpting is the greatest reward in itself and the only thing he can imagine himself doing. Bruce loves what he does and the process as well as the final result make the sacrifices all worth it.

So, as much as hearing that sacrifice is involved in pursuing a dream or career that may not conform to a traditional path makes me a little uneasy, it does not stop me from wanting to pursue my dreams!! And it’s people like Bruce, who live what they love every day that should serve as inspiration for the rest of us to do the same.

So check out his incredible artwork at

And freaking go out there and make me proud!!!

Thanks to everyone for watching and supporting me on my path to living what I love every day.