Guide to Getting a Life (107) Aliens on Earth!!

I have this really big rule that I like to follow closely before each show…absolutely no talking about show content before the show or viewers will miss out on ‘first time reactions.’ It’s a really hard thing to do because when you first meet a guest or are sitting waiting for the action to begin…there’s this looming cloud of content and I find myself small talking like it’s my job..hahah..get it, this show is all about random careers?!

Anyway, Robert Stanley slipped something ‘show content-ish’ into our pre-show chit chat, which has stuck with me. When asking about me and what college I went to he said “well, you can’t really go to college for research in Aliens…they just don’t offer degrees in that!” True story! And, after talking with Robert about alien life on earth, having a good laugh at a viewer who  got  confused and asked if UFOs have sex with humans and then discussing his various images and video footage, i must admit that my eyes are a little wider and my mind has been stretched a little more…Some of the things we talked about I can totally understand. If many people believe in paranormal activity: ghosts, spirits, life force, energy…things you think are there but can’t totally prove, why is believing in aliens any different?

 Check out the show and let me know what you think. Or just read his book “Close Encounters on Capitol Hill” and find out more of how Robert Stanley has come to believe to wholeheartedly in the existence of Alien life here on earth.

And just in case you need some pics for added entertainment and your own mind stretching, go to :