Greg Reifsteck

GREG REIFSTECK is the creator, executive producer and host of Big Balls Fantasy Football. He is also the BEAST MODE Segment Producer. His attitude is as ferocious as his picks.

Reifsteck is a 20-year fantasy football veteran and a life-long die-hard Chicago Bears Fan who transplanted from his native Windy City to Hollywood, California so he could root for his team without turning into an icicle.

He also created and executive produces the audio Big Balls Fantasy Football Podcast at on the Greg Reifsteck Radio Network.

When he isn’t ripping on Tim Tebow’s lack of playing time and fantasy value, Reifsteck is cracking wise as a stand-up comedian with a podcast called “Boredom Breeds Stupidity” on GRR and at

He has also been an entertainment journalist for 25 years, acting as a Special Reports Editor for Variety, and has written for Yahoo!, Fangoria and Moving Pictures Magazine.

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  1. Eleanor on June 9, 2016 at 11:12 am

    Just know that Mr. Reifsteck has a very fragile constitution and doesn’t take kindly to constructive criticism. This could be why his comedy career has not gone far. I imagine any feedback is blocked and torched. How does he handle hecklers?

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