Gregory Itzin of Fox Show ’24’

Guest: Gregory Itzin

Projects: Fox Show ’24’ Independent film ‘Float’

Crew Position: Actor

Website: (This site is not up yet but look for it soon)

Gregory Itzin may be best known for his role as President Charles Logan on the hit series ’24’, but he has a career that spans over thirty five years and is going stronger then ever. As an artist myself, it is always a pleasure and a privilege to sit down with someone who has worked so hard and has knowledge and passion for his craft that he is willing to share. If you missed the interview, watch it, you will see a creative, intellectual, fun, crazy (in the artistic sense of the word) person at work. Early on we show a clip of Kiefer Sutherland talking about Itzin and singing his praises.

‘Float’ is a feature film starring Itzin, Lauren Cohen (Supernatural), and Cristine Rose (Heroes).

During the show, we talked and showed a clip from Itzin’s favorite episode of ’24’ and a good clip from his new movie ‘Float’.

Answered some great IM’s including one about Itzin’s appearance on ‘Firefly’.

Talked about his five different appearances on the various ‘Star Trek’ series.

And Itzin answered the very important question, “Is President Logan dead or alive?”

Check out the show if you haven’t already. It was great talking to Itzin. I really think you’ll enjoy hearing what he has to say about film and television. will take you directly to all past filmnut shows. This is episode number 124.

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Jeff Schubert

PS Next week guest is writer/director Dan Mirvish who is also the co-founder of the Slamdance film festival.

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