Greasy Rider: The Documentary

Greasy Rider stars
Hey, looking for more entertaining info on alternative fuel vehicles? Check out this documentary Greasy Rider with a pretty good knowledge base on their website. Since Green Health Live’s 5th show this week was with LA BioDiesel Co-Op Co-founder Alaya Aquarian, I figured I would dig out a link to this great documentary I saw recently on Link TV (channel 375 on satellite DirecTV, It’s got a brilliant mix of intellectuals, artists and everyday people with M.I.T. Professor and Political Analyst Noam Chomsky, Actor and Earth Biofuels’ Co-Director Morgan Freeman, Tommy Chong, Yoko Ono and others – well-done with a homemade, independent aesthetic with a pretty cool original music soundtrack too.

From the filmmakers’ website: “Picture a cross country road trip powered by vegetable oil in a 1981 Mercedes Benz. Greasy Rider follows two filmmakers, Joey Carey and J.J. Beck, as they meet with fellow Greasecar drivers, friends and critics. Traveling as far south as New Orleans and as far north as Seattle, the car is powered by used cooking grease collected at restaurants along the way.

Interviews include Morgan Freeman who is opening up a biodiesel plant in Mississippi. Political analyst Noam Chomsky, “You’re supposed to believe we would have liberated Iraq even if its main product was pickles,” appears alongside Yoko Ono, “This whole world is now ruled by corporations and their greed,” and Tommy Chong, “You guys figured it out. You got your little bio-car, and there you go.” Additional interviews include the founders of four vegetable oil conversion kit companies, Greasecar, Greasel, Plant Drive and Frybrid, as they discuss the viability of vegetable oil as fuel.”

For more info click here, the trailer hereor here.