Grand Theft Awesome

LET’S GO…to Liberty City! GTA4 is out and we gave it away to lucky winner wolfstrider! Jim classed the show up with some poetry from the book “Blue Wizard is About to Die” (cue Brian’s creepy Gauntlet voice), written by Seth “Fingers” Flynn Barkan. Filmed at Gweedz’ lovely apartment by Brian, Jim performed the selection “Mario,” Gweedz gave us “PacMan,” and Nikole rounded things out with the classic “Bubble Bobble.” Want more, scholars? Hit the forum to request (we have some lovely haikus on Mega Man)! Nikole presented the Top 7 Worst Places to Live in Video Games (g’head, guess what got #1!). Our GOTW was, of course, GTA4. We found it to be an immersive, open-ended, and emotionally investing game where you explore the American Dream as immigrant Niko Belic. It’s a big send up of not only NYC but capitalism, commercialism, and America’s not-so-melty melting pot. One minor flaw was that it seems to look a little jaggy in HD as opposed to SD. And if you’re Nikole (and you wish you were), you’d agree that story line shmory line, you just wants to shoot things and runs people over! Hell, you can go play darts or pool, go on dates, see comedy shows and watch TV (with excellent comedic writing, this is highly recommended). Which version is better? Meh, they’re pretty much the same (though Gweedz’ Xbox copy had crashed 6 times in one day as opposed to Jim’s PS3’s smooth sailing) – buy the version your friends have for multiplayer (peer pressure!). Gweedz said buy, Nikole said buy (buy buy!), and Jim (ever the slave to peer pressure) said…buy!! Oh, and then there was more Pac-Mobelia (spoiler alert: it’s a phone!).

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