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Alrighty Gothamites,

Its happened, Gotham has finally returned to us. (Thanks to the mighty networking heroes of Fox.) So as a quick recap of last season, I’d like to reintroduce you to all of our friends whom we met in Season 1.

This is the point where I tell you that there are spoilers ahead. And because I love you all and don’t want to ruin any of the journey (if you are hopping on the Gotham train a bit late).

Jim hopes that what he's done was worth it.

Jim hopes that what he’s done was worth it.

SPOILER ALERT: (Although if you haven’t already seen season one, I mean, come on, what are you doing with your life bro?)

So in season one we meet a plethora of old friends Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth, James Gordon, Selena Kyle, Oswald Cobblepot, and many others, along with new friends like Fish Mooney.

Bruce Wayne, mades some strides in season one. He goes from little boy who screams like a little girl after his parents fateful demise, to a little boy who (after being smacked around a bit by Alfred) decides to stand up for himself and against the hypocrisy of Wayne Enterprises.

After blowing the door off the hinges, Bruce is able to explore his father's hidden workspace.

After blowing the door off the hinges, Bruce is able to explore his father’s hidden workspace.

We got some background for Alfred Pennyworth, the Wayne families faithful butler. Who turns out is kind of a bad ass. Although many comic book readers know the mild mannered butler has a history of being one of the most underrated, and glossed over characters of the Batman universe. The writers of Gotham decided they would have none of that shit, and thankfully we get to see how much of a bad ass our favorite butler is. After all sometimes it takes the guiding hands of an older gentleman to transform a young person into the leather clad, mask wearing, costumed vigilante of our dreams, but enough about me, lets keep going on Gotham.

Penguin begins his reign after getting rid of Fish.

James Gordon goes through some shit this season! He goes from being the “innocent” cop that Gotham needs to a man indebted to the now top boss Oswald Cobblepot. Oh not to mention he goes from engaged to Barbra Kean (Who turns out to be completely cray cray) to being in love with our favorite medical examiner (and total Joss Whedon bae Morena Baccarin) Dr. Leslie Tompkins. And he does all of this while solving crazy murders, being shot at, and stabbed…I think…he got stabbed right?

Selina Kyle goes from bad girl with good intentions to worse girl. (Who looked totally bitchen with her faux hawk, but was like kinda super mean to Bruce.) I hope we get to see her come back to the light, as it were, and toe the line a bit more between good and evil.

Oswald Cobblepot went from dweeby underling of Fish Mooney to maniacal criminal mastermind which was a super fun journey to take with the total babe Robin (good) Lord Taylor. His weird mommy issues have made him the damaged goods that all our fan hearts wants to love and nurture forever! After the “deaths” of Sal Maroni (good riddance to bad rubbish) and Fish Mooney whom Cobblepot does in himself. By pushing her off the roof of a building into the Gotham harbor. (Which I mean seriously does anyone really think she’s dead…like really? You’re going to kill a character named Fish by pushing her into water. I don’t think so. I’m onto you writers.) We see our man yell to the heavens “I’m the King of Gotham!” Which is so much more bad ass than being King of the world. Take that Mr. DiCaprio, just kidding take me Mr. DiCaprio, I volunteer as tribute!

Over all this past season has been a rollercoaster of fun, frights and thrills. Which makes us eager to watch (or devour) this upcoming season of Gotham. Which promises us to be filled with villains and I personally cannot wait. Let them rise!

Honorable Mentions:
The Riddler: Whom we see kill a dude.
The Jokers?: Although he hasn’t been officially named yet, we all know and love that laugh.
The Scarecrow/ Jonathan Crane: poor baby had daddy issues that stemmed from mommy issues and he never asked to be broken 🙁
& finally
Ivy Pepper: who I guess is supposed to grow up to be Pamela Isley whom we all know as Poison Ivy.

By: Kristin Sanchez

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