What a country!

Friends, loved ones, liked ones, tolerated ones and ones we invite over out of pity…

This is a great country. But it’s made great by the people who live in it. The crazy nut jobs, the zealots, freaks, winos, junkies… what the hell am I talking about?

The great thing that is thestream.tv! Thanks to Brian, all of us are creating original, cool, relevant, informative, and sometimes fun shows! Years ago, we would’ve only been able to do this on Public Access or maybe in some crappy theater in NoHo with no one watching… Now, we’ve had viewers from all over the world… and NoHo! Sweet!

Streamers… let’s keep making good (or decent, or on-par) shows and people will continue to find us… not necessarily interesting, but they do find us. What they do at that point beats me!

Compatriots… I am looking foward to June, July… and beyond!


Host/”Live! From the Future…”