Bobbie Jean and Diallo N. Frazier

Guests: Bobbie Jean & Diallo Frazier

Project: Ghetto Scriptures

The Film depicts what “Ghetto” really means… it tells us from the point of view of those that live inside the imaginary walls of “the Ghetto”.

Genre: Documentary

Tonight I had my first documentary filmmakers on the show, and while the lines have blurred a little bit over the years there are still very distinct differences between a movie and a documentary.

Jean and Frazier are very passionate individuals as they both have personal experience related to their subject matter. However, as serious as the topic is and as committed as they are to help, they both have a good sense humor and seek to change through awareness, self-empowerment, responsibility and accountability rather then blame. They do present some interesting information from a former police officer/ whistle blower that I would like to look more into. (If it’s true its scary), but the rest is about shining a light and focusing on the individuals explaining who they are how they got to be that way and their fight to transend.

Ghetto provides insight and life experiences to the statistics we see or read about in the news. A couple of the real people they interviewed in the documentary will make your chin drop… We talked about how I could easily see actors like Morgan Freeman, Bernie Mac etc., study these people to play roles in movies. And when you see them in movies you might say “wow but people like this don’t really exist”, but they do and there in Ghetto Scriptures.

Jean and Diallo share some good advice on the show if you’re thinking about making a documentary. As first time film or documentary makers they learned a lot and while this project might not be the most technically proficient (they worked with a two sometimes three person crew) for me, that didn’t distract from the message of the piece.

If you missed the show, go to the archive page for Filmnut and check out the clips of Ghetto that we aired for a taste of what I’m talking about. If you saw the show and you want to keep up them you can go to:

Or their agent contact info:

Next Wednesday June 20th we have CGI (computer generated image) visual effects wiz Bryan Whitaker scheduled… Brian has worked on The Matrix, Star Trek, Blade and many other lower budgeted projects as well. Should be very interesting

Jeff Schubert

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