Lloyd Kaufman of Troma

Guest: Lloyd Kaufman (President of Troma Entertainment)

Project: “Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead”

Genre: Troma (for those of you not familiar with Troma: Horror, Comedy, Satire)

Starring: Jason Yachanin, Kate Graham, Allison Sereboff, Robin Watkins, Ron Jeremy, Lloyd Kaufman

Project: Make Your Own Damn Movie dvd set.

Featuring Interviews with: Eli Roth, Trey Parker, Matt Stone, James Gunn, Jenna Fischer, Stan Lee, George Romero, Larry Cohen, Adam Rifkin, John G. Avildsen and many more. Plus, an incredible volume of behind the scenes makings of various Troma projects, including tips on all aspects of production.

Tonight was very different but what else would you expect when the King of Tromaville makes an appearance? Lloyd Kaufman definitely lived up to his advance billing putting on an entertaining and informative show. We had more instant messages tonight then ever before and again sorry to those whose questions we didn’t get to.

First, ‘Poultrygeist’. The trailer for this looks spot on hysterical and if you’re a Troma fan you have be to excited by this. In fact some of the instant messages had to do with where and when could I see this movie? Well, as said on the netcast, Uncle Lloyd needs you! He needs you to contact your local theater and request it. I’ll be contacting Lloyd to see if we at Filmnut can help out so stay tuned and check back with this blog as I will update if we can.

Just some of the interesting comments expressed in Make Your Own Damn Movie:

Eli Roth talked about the importance of being on a set as much as you can in any and all positions to get as much experience as possible. How much more of being a filmmaker is figuring out and navigating crisis or when things go wrong then JUST executing your vision.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone talked about the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) and how they are much stricter with independents then studio films. Very important to know if you’re planning to make an R movie that could get tagged with an NC-17 rating. (For more info on this I recommend renting the documentary ‘This Film Is Not Yet Rated’)

Jenna Fischer talked about hiring an editor who was a friend because he would work for free on her no-budget feature Lollilove but coming from a reality tv background his editing didn’t work for her so she paid someone else to reedit it.

James Gunn and Larry Cohen talked about writing.

Adam Rifkin gives an inspirational message on how you only fail as an artist if you quit.

All of the above had more to say plus many other industry vets not mentioned. There is also a ton more including info on working with guns, rigging equipment, sound, importance of rehearsal, camera operation and equipment, special effects, make-up, casting, auditions, and on and on. And it’s not just interviews, you get to see these things in action. And what’s great for us the viewer is how many things go wrong that we get to see and learn from on some of Troma’s films.

I really appreciate and am inspired by Lloyd’s persistence, passion, and transparence in these dvd’s and in my encounters with him. Thanks again for coming on Lloyd! We’ll do it again soon!

Below are links for more info. on Lloyd Kaufman, Troma, Tromadance, (Tromadance is Troma’s film festival going into it’s ninth year that is FREE to apply) Poultrygeist and Make Your Own Damn Movie! There are more links that you’ll find by navigating the ones provided.

www.facebook.com (once on facebook do a search for Lloyd Kaufman)

Thanks for tuning in! Let me know what you think!

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Jeff Schubert

PS next week on the show I have Bobbie Jean and Diallo N. Frazier coming in to talk about documentary filmmaking and their project Ghetto Sciptures

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