Warren Eig

Guests: Warren Eig

Projects: Knit Wits (short)
A Family X-Mas; Horror (short)

Production Company: Baby Boom Pictures


Warren Eig came on tonight and was a great follow up to my first guest last week. He brought two very funny shorts with him: ‘Knit Wits’, which has appeared in six film festivals; and, ‘A Family X-Mas’, which has been in 18 and having won numerous awards.

The fun thing about ‘Knit Wits’ was it was part of a competition where he had to make a short 5 minutes or less, it had to have the line in it “Life is short”, someone had to have a hard boiled egg, and someone had to be wearing a pair of shorts. It was recorded in 8 hours! On top of that he managed to cast a couple of heavy hitters (for both shorts) John Capodice and Robert Costanzo.

These shorts are a great example of hard work and dedication as Warren was not only writer/director, he was also 1st A.D., production manager, boom operator and so on. He is also quick to credit his DP Matt Mania and Eric Colvin who performed a great score for both shorts.

If you’re a short filmmaker, or aspiring to be one, in addition to the more publicized youtube and myspace, you should also be aware of Atom Films. Warren explains his deal with them and you can see both his shorts in full at the atom films links above.

I asked him for his opinions on how shorts can be better and he offered some good views on that worth hearing.

While shorts lack the distribution opportunities of their big brother the feature film, with all of the social networking sites that you can upload your work too, combined with a sensible and successful festival run, shorts are a better way then they have ever been to help get a career going. And don’t forget to get your work reviewed!

Lastly, another interesting thing about shorts (that Warren speaks about during the show) is that while comedy is at a disadvantage when doing features for the purposes of distribution; comedy is great for shorts, for launching your career!

Thanks for tuning in!

Jeff Schubert


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