Fanatiq on Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

In this episode of “Ultimate” Cross Counter Live Mike Ross and Gootecks bring you a special

episode for the release of Ultimate Marvel versus Capcom 3. Also in this episode Gootecks

brings in a special guest from Japan, Kenzo from Godsgarden. Kenzo gives details about the

history and future plans of Godsgarden. Fanatiq, the innovator for playing on pad, is also in this

episode to talk about the release of Marvel, his new show and his future plans. Finally, we have a

live match between Fanatiq and OlafRedLand, who writes articles about MvC for Cross Counter.

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===== I Got Next (2011)=====

“I Got Next” is a documentary on the fighting game community. It follows four prominent

players, Justin Wong, Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez, Joe “iloveu” Ciaramelli and Mike Ross

through their experiences in the scene with the release of Street Fighter 4, which has caused a

resurgence in the fighting game genre and a rekindling of the East Coast/West Coast rivalry that

had died down in years past.



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