Eviction Night 7/16

So everything went as planned, I’d say.

If you read my last blog post, you know that I thought Jeff should be evicted so The Sixth Sense can remain intact. And that is exactly what happened. The most surprising thing that happened this episode is how pissed off Austin was at Liz and Jeff… I wouldn’t expect that from him! And can we discuss his sweaty pits for a second?! EW!!

So, at the end of the episode Liz and Shelli were crowned the new Heads of Household, this is Shelli’s second time! What I am most excited to see is Julia’s reaction when Liz tells her that she won HOH! That’ll make for some great TV. In regards to the nominations this week, I truly don’t know. I think Audrey will go up, but it’s the safe thing to do. Same with Jackie, because WHERE IS SHE?! As for the other two, it’s completely up in the air, unless some major drama happens.

We will have to wait and see! Tweet me your thoughts @KevinZelman using #BB17AS and we will read them on air Friday’s at 11AM!

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