Reginald Nelson

The Guest: Reginald Nelson

The Project: Fly Like Mercury

Short Film: Track star contemplates doing steroids to win

Thoughts after the show:

I really like Reggie and I hope he considers my suggestion to explore making ‘Fly Like Mercury’ a feature. He has a great group people he is involved and connected with and with all of the controversy surrounding Barry Bonds as he pursues Babe Ruth’s home run record, the interest in the subject is there. Worst case Reggie, maybe ESPN picks up your movie.

One of the things we talked about in the interview was the difference in Film versus Theater. Reggie having run a theater company, and now moving into film. The discussion focused on finances and the increased “stakes” in film. Reggie made some good points.

Most of the time in film, especially studio films, you are dealing with investors and or studio heads that you have to answer to and you lack creative freedom. Indie filmmaking offers more freedom but is more difficult to get your film seen. Finances and not whether the artistic vision was accomplished, too often solely judge the success of a film. When was the last time you asked someone how much money a play made at the box office?

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