Do You Want to Make a Movie?

Guest: Kelly Herrin

Crew Position: Gaffer / Key Grip /Welder / Rigger

Company: All In One Truck


The name says it all. If you’re a filmmaker or thinking of becoming one, Kelly Herrin is someone to put on your list to check into. He has streamlined the process of making a no to low budget movie by stocking his RV truck with almost anything you will need to make one. You can go to his website to see what ‘ALL’ is.

When trying to sell a movie ‘production value’ is a term you will hear; it’s important because it can add to the aesthetics of a movie, which makes it more watchable, which makes it more sellable and makes it more sellable for more money then if the production value was less. The website has the list, but watch the show if you missed it. We look at still pictures as Kelly explains and talks us through his equipment and we see Kelly in action using: his jib, his various hood mounts, dolly and track, and much more that will add to the production value of your movie. Further, and more importantly, it will enable you to do more and better creatively.

In addition, we also showed a clip of the recent dv expo which highlights some innovations in the field.

Whether you want to make a film or are just curious as to how some of the lesser highlighted aspects of filmmaking get done, this is a good show for you.

Oh and great questions from the viewers tonight! Thanks guys!!

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Jeff Schubert

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