Do The Houseguests Know What’s Going On?

There is so much to talk about… First off, we know how excited I am that Austin and Vanessa are the new Heads of Household, this can change the game and this is where we will see alliances start to form (which we did). But there are three¬†things I want to talk about before I get into the nominations.

1. How did Jeff not know that Austin won HOH? This is mind-boggling to me… his head is clearly not 100% in the game. When you are a houseguest, you know who HOH is because you will bend over backwards to please them.

2. Austin was completely clueless when the twin twist was brought up to him! Nobody talked to him about the possibility of Liz being a twin? Again, mind-boggling because he is not being observant enough.

3. Austin’s pony beard. How do the houseguests not talk more about this, I personally find it hysterical!

Now, the nominations. Vanessa nominated John and James (poor James for being put up as a pawn AGAIN!) and Austin put up Meg and Jason who ultimately won the Battle of the Block competition and dethroned Austin as HOH, which was Austin and Vanessa’s plan.

Shelli, Clay, Vanessa, Austin and Liz/Julia have formed, what I think to be the first official alliance, called The Sixth Sense and they are trying to keep Liz/Julia in the game by getting the rest of the house to start believing that the twin twist isn’t a real thing.

Woah, so there was a lot that happened and that was just Sunday nights’ episode. As a super fan I am DYING to see what happens on Wednesday and Thursday. What do you guys think…?? Tweet all of us using #BB17AS

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