COTV LIVE ep130 highlights with Taryn Southern

Taryn Southern and COIN-OP TV LIVE host Robert Welkner had a bit of a reunion on last week’s show (episode 130)! Taryn was the original host of COIN-OP TV back when we started in 2004. It was fun to have her on the show as a guest and talk about all of her awesome projects like being on American Idol, Project My World and her latest music video which has blown up on the internet Hott4Hill.

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Other show highlights from COIN-OP TV LIVE episode 130:

Jen Reynolds helping with the IMs live in the studio –

Top news stories – Grand Theft Auto IV delayed, Guitar Hero Encore Rocks the 80s review and a look at Edge Magazine’s Top 100 released in the US last week!

Also – watch Brian give Rob on-air coaching lessons on calming nerves and Taryn’s Hott4Hill video as well as never before seen COIN-OP TV outtakes with Taryn Southern from 2004!