Kenny Stevenson From Parks and Recreation, Geico, and Funny or Die

Kenny Stevenson of the famous Geico ad “Can smartphones do dumb things?” joins the cast of Commercial Break and teaches us the detailed work that goes into making a stunt like being thrown out of the car by your airbag defect look real. The whole cast does a quick Superbowl recap and discussion on this year’s Superbowl commercials. Kenny confuses us with his Monster Truck that looks like Jurassic Park. We think Kenny may still be driving that truck today. We get the full scoop on his character who is in “Parks and Recreation” and he certainly gets his ego stroked in a creepy way by Brian, Rebecca and Mike. He really wows the audience with his “awkward laugh” that he is known for as well as his “fake laugh” which you have to see to believe. We can understand why he books so many commercials when he takes “Selling Out” by storm with the Jengariffic airplane pillow. Mike actually bought it from him after the show because he has been having trouble sleeping since the Patriots lost to the Giants. We have officially declared a Giselle curse must be the problem because Tom is too perfect to screw up twice against the Giants.

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