Ptolemy Slocum from HBO’s “The Wire”

It is Commercial Break’s “Special Superbowl Special” with Ptolemy Slocum who has been in over 100 commercials (many Superbowl). Ptolemy (yes that’s his name) is finally sitting in the chair at Commercial Break to be grilled and “Ego Stroked” by Brian, Rebecca and Mike. Ptolemy shares with us his hilarious stories about being in an offensive Superbowl ad about a woman with a big butt. Watch Ptolemy take a beating from a gang of M&M’s and turn on his Chevy remotely. Rebecca almost forgets about how important FedEx International Shipping really is but thanks to Ptolemy who reminded her when he said “so I said if you are going to ship international you gotta use FedEx.” Rebecca totally zones out on Ptolemy’s amazing stunt role on “The Fringe” because she is so mesmerized by Ptolemy’s sneakers. In “The Fringe” Ptolemy once again takes a beating but not from candy this time but from evil butterflies. Ego Stroke cut! Ego Stroke take two! Oh wait did we forget to mention Ptolemy played a character in “The Wire” oops?!

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