Commentators James Chen & UltraDavid

Mike and Gootecks talk about Dromstruction, game breaking glitches, head shavings and what makes good game commentary. For some expert insight, we bring on James Chen and Ultradavid to hear their views on the recent commentary issue that’s been brought up in the community. James and David stick around to show Gootecks and Mike how it’s done during the Rise of the Web Warrior weekly finals.

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  1. ModestDeity on October 28, 2011 at 5:51 am

    What everyone seems to not be thinking about concerning SFxT’s gem system is that while putting in a gem for throw tech compensates for that player’s skill level, it also takes up a slot that they WON’T have to use and you would save for something like increased speed, damage, etc. The scrubby gems may make a less than average player average/skilled but someone who is already average/skilled will have a huge advantage of their own.

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