Classic Horror vs Modern Horror Movies

Horror movies have been a staple of the cinemas since the early days of motion picture. Starting out as adaptations of folklore with films such as Nosferatu, the genre grew in popularity leading to many of the iconic movie monsters popularized by Universal Pictures in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Horror has grown and evolved since its early days leading to today’s horror films such as Paranormal Activity. With so much change in the genre, we want to know what the best type of horror is: classic or modern? The GeekDown crew gathers the best examples of horror throughout the years and throws them in the ring to let the best one survive. What’s our pick? Were we even able to narrow it down to a single pick? You’ll have to watch to find out in our horror movie showdown. We also check in with the news that cropped up this week. First up was The Walking Dead getting picked up for a third season after only two episodes of the second season have aired. Is AMC jumping the gun a bit or are they just doubling down on the winning racehorse? Only time will tell but until then check out our thoughts on how AMC’s zombie show has been faring this season and what we want to see from the impending third season. And that’s not all on this week’s show. We also delve into the details (or lack thereof) of Rockstar’s announcement of Grand Theft Auto V. We all know to expect big leaps forward with numbered titles in Rockstar’s blockbuster franchise but what do we want to see in the series’ next? If that wasn’t enough to handle for one show, we’ve also got beer. So you know it’ll be a good show. Just check it out.

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