Clare Carey

Guest: Clare Carey

Crew Position: Actress/ director/ producer

Projects: CBS show ‘Jericho’

Independent film ‘Submission’:

Dade, a local TV reporter, falls for, and seduces a beautiful woman – Dominique – who turns out to be a professional dominatrix. As their relationship intensifies he is not sure if she is enamored with him or playing a game.

IMDB page:

Tonight I had a chance to meet a fun, down the earth artist who gets how fortunate she is to be doing what she is doing. Clare Carey a.k.a Mary Bailey on Jericho stopped by the nut house, as in Filmnut and shared her experiences in film, TV and theater and the varying hats she wears within the industry.

I guess you can say there are two common themes we’re starting to hear from Filmnut guests with regards to advice for indie filmmakers and Carey hit on one of them: The importance of a good script and story. I found her indie film, Submission, to have some great, clever, and humorous dialogue expertly delivered by Carey, and the cast. And Simmone Mackinnon, who played a dominatrix, can boss me around anytime!

Actually, one thing I don’t think we got into on camera that Clare also talked about to me was the importance of a good first a.d., keeping to schedule and making your days. Absolutely.

Clare is also proud of this play she is directing that we touched on briefly, for more info and show dates, check out the above website. The name of the play is Princess Bean’s Messy World.

If you missed this or any episode of Filmnut you can watch it here: The episode with Clare Carey is number 215.

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