The Weakly News

Bathing Suited

Hard hitting facts hold you after 69% of the time… unless the stats are made up. While taking a break from discussing how the octuplets are causing the economic crisis, Iliza finally understands the meaning of Alexis’ “trivia labyrinth.” Brian describes the nuance of the upper-decker and Iliza’s mom returns to discuss their best features. more »

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It’s the holiday season, so it’s time to break out the fox fur earmuffs and thermal undies! Hard-hitting facts covered facial replacement surgery, Burger King’s awful cologne and jelly fish on spring break. Alexis suggests it’s ok to throw a shoe at someone as long as it’s Stilettos. Everyone was bored with currency facts while more »

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Don’t Stare

The most insensitive show ever; now with racism and fat people jokes! Iliza and Alexis weigh in on a proposed obesity law for airlines and potential ways for Brian to get more leg room. After agreeing Mariah Carey is a diva, Iliza showed off a little more than she wanted while modeling her leggings. Also more »

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Before the Big Win

Iliza Shlesinger calls into the stream before winning Last Comic Standing.  At this point we had no idea that she’s actually win it all.  I had this on file so I thought the die hard Iliza fans might like to watch it.

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Iliza’s Spread

Iliza is a Model, Yom Kippur and Pumpkin Pics. TheStream.Tv Keep up with all the excitement by liking us on Facebook: Follow our current Twitter feeds by joining us at:

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Not the State

Iliza Shlesinger (Host); Alexis Archer (Chat Tech); Brian Gramo (Operator); Recent news from around the globe. Last Comic Standing competition questions answered. Iliza shows us clips that never got used and her shakin’ it with Catsby to a rap video. Alexis has yet more trivia for us, Iliza manages to break an ice green tea more »

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