Selling Out

Selling Out – Bob Stephenson

Watch Bob take your 5 adjectives and make them into commercial gold as he sells out on this episode of Commercial Break and this time Bob’s not just the guy who “drives the truck ma’am”.

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Selling Out – Timothy Ryan Cole

Timothy Ryan Cole from the famous Geico ads is “happier than an actor on Commercial break”! Timothy sells out on Commercial Break and this time it’s not for insurance! Watch Timothy an improv expert take your 5 words and make them gold.

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Selling Out – Lori Alan

WATCH THE FULL EPISODE HERE: Lori Alan selling ski goggles. You definitely know who Lori Alan is or you know her voice because her voice is well…everywhere! Join the cast of Commercial Break as we journey through an incredible interview with the amazingly talented Lori Alan who has a resume in Commercials, TV and more »

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